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When it comes to web development and design JavaScript is used to make the web pages interactive, thereby enhancing its usability and also adds some extra features to the website. Out of the numerous JavaScript frameworks available jQuery stands out from the rest and powers about 78!% of top million sites.

jQuery is the most preferred JavaScript library due to a number of reasons. It is because these are easier to manage and write. It also requires lesser lines of code as compared to those of the JavaScript code. It is also quite lightweight, and its functionalities can be easily extended with the help of jQuery plugins. There are thousands of plugins available for free and you can also buy these. Some of these are classified into Web & Mobile Layouts Plugins, Menu & Navigation Plugins, Media, Slider, Carousel & Gallery Plugins, Scrolling Effects, Text Effect Plugins, Form Plugins, Utility Plugins, and many more such plugins. These can be used to extend the functionalities of the website. But choosing the right plugin can turn out to be a bit tricky sometimes. One must keep the list of plugins handy at all times as it can help you to design both the personal and business website without the need to code it from the ground level.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of the most useful jQuery plugins available that can be put to use. You can quite easily configure these plugins and put it to use.


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